Mind Meets Design.

Ours is a story of discovery, passion and increasing understanding. We have grown as a team of young, eager and excited people, literally committing our entire lives to developing our bond, our craft and the value of our work - in the direction of helping business and ideas move and excite people.

As far back as 2009 and even earlier, the individuals who make up our team today had been on the journey of preparing for this mission, although largely unknown to them and with hundreds of miles from one another. But then things began to take form in different ways and under different labels – culminating in an eventual 2015 establishment of what we now know as FourthCanvas.

FourthCanvas Story Quote
FourthCanvas Story

If we have our way, we will love to be seen not as the best (or one of the best) design agencies in town. At FourthCanvas, we would prefer to stay out of the list – doing our thing, having a great time and delivering awesomeness as we help brands stand out from the crowd of alternatives and stay out of the list. For corporate communication though (like, if you have to refer us to a board, or introduce us at a conference);

FourthCanvas is a Nigerian design agency on a global journey to create deep and lasting experiences with brand identity and visual communication
FourthCanvas Story Quote

Our core ideology

It may sound vague and audacious but we want to change the world – with the power of design. And we think we can. We understand that design is a top expression of the human mind and where done right, goes right like a two-edged sword and pierces through the human mind. Mind – Design – Mind. We believe we can add value to ideas and strengthen them to change the world. Anybody can go on to become a designer – limitless opportunities. While design can go ahead to win anybody – limitless power.


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