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Automating the local piggy bank saving culture, Piggyvest, launched in 2016 is the pioneering and leading online savings and investment platform in Nigeria, with about 400,000 users.

Piggyvest, (which evolved from its founding name as PiggyBankNG) is driven by its quest to meet the everyday needs of its users.

Although engagement across all platforms was always good, there was a need for a visual identity system that consistently communicates the brand’s personality, speaks to its audience, and strengthens the brand’s message.

Building upon a foundation

Piggyvest had a lot going right, and we were curious to learn as much as possible to begin with. We had several sessions with the team to understand the story of the brand, and get their perspectives and experiences working from within.

We discussed the vision, personality and positioning for the brand. Simultaneously, we held virtual interviews with a number of users, including those who currently use alternative platforms to Piggyvest to understand perceptions and expectations from their end. At the end of the initial research and understanding phase, it was clear what mattered the most—helping young people achieve financial freedom—and how we would communicate it.

People first

As a financial brand gaining increasing trust, Piggyvest decided against having a drastic logo change and we agreed with the rationale. We focused on finding opportunities that simply made the same logo more meaningful.

piggyvest old logo to new animation

The old logo suggested a door lock and a padlock which over-emphasized “savings and locking it up”. While this is true, we believe that when it comes to people attaining financial freedom, the lock is simply one of the tools on the path to making this possible.

We noticed a solution that wasn’t too far off; there was the keyhole right in the middle of the logo, which we literally picked and tweaked to take a human form, emphasising that the brand is people-centric. This led to the final design for the symbol, out of several other iterations. We also increased the curves on the edges to increase the appeal and overall friendliness. Typography was another aspect we looked into.

piggyvest (formerly PiggyVest)

Upon testing and prototyping hundreds of possibilities over a long time (so long you won’t believe, actually), we found U8, which fits in perfectly as the new type, with better recall and identification than the previous. We also agreed on a full small casing to help the brand’s unique hybrid name combination. The logo reads “piggyvest”, also right as Piggyvest in writing, but no longer “PiggyVest”.

Unblocking colour

While Piggyvest is loved for its variety of options to save and invest, we needed a visual system that represented this across all channels including social media, prints and merchandise. While the blue—now tweaked to a slightly brighter hue we named Piggy Blue—remains the official colour, the new visual system embraces more colours in the patterns and elements that will feature in ads and posters. The new colour system also brings in some more vibrancy to the overall look and feel.

Beds of treasures

We created a new pattern (for application on stationery, interface, ephemera/merch and more) based on the idea of an abstract visual representation of prosperity and wealth. It is formed by an endless array of neatly packed and similarly grouped objects based on 3 abstract shapes culled from the Piggyvest logo and represents conscious savings and growth of wealth through the multiple options available. The wavy lines/loops represent a flow of wealth and suggest progress. The overall visual is layered in “beds” that suggest different layers of treasures—which connects with the overall vision of wealth and a secure future for Piggyvest’s users.

Touching every point

Most brand icons—custom-drawn or bought as a graphics pack—don’t stand out as identifiable on their own, and while this isn’t a crime, we had a unique visual feature that could influence elements as basic as icons and buttons. So, why not? We designed the elements to have at least one visibly curved edge and other relatively sharp edges based on the logo, bearing a combination of perfectly rounded edges and one relatively sharp edge. It’s a flip, but a relatable one.

Influencing the brand architecture

Piggyvest’s products—from Safelock to Investify—solve different problems across savings and investment. With a goal of higher product clarity, there was a need to design a system of mini identities that differ, yet connect to one another and most especially, to the parent brand. We followed the same design language that had influenced the icon set and employed basic illustrations of what each is about, while being minimal yet identifiable.

A brand-centric user interface

We collaborated with the in-house Product Design team on a new website and mobile app interface for the platform. We aligned the look (spot the buttons on the website and mobile app) with the new visual style across board. It had to be beautiful, functional, and brand-centric.

Finally delivering the brand guide

At the beginning of the project, the task was largely about delivering a system of standards that can help deliver consistency over time with the brand’s expressions across ads, interface and more. We created different versions and continually updated them upon prototyping and application to different purpose. At the end, we arrived at a detailed brand guide that encapsulates results from the entire process; from the brand’s key statements to the signature, colour scheme, typography, visual style, elements, and best practices in using them.


While we will need to observe the long-term effect on current and potential users since this just launched, we are however happy with how much improvement we have achieved with the amazing Piggyvest team from point of engagement till now.

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